You can move from light to wild, but in this article we will look at a few major modifications. In fact, there is nothing to make a car fashion no one can do these simple weekend improvements. Below is a small list of simple car modifications that will help you improve the performance of your car or truck.

Clear the car. One of the easiest ways to improve the car’s performance is to get rid of excess weight and debris. Reducing weight means better performance. This resistance coefficient is lower and your engine will not only appreciate it, but also increase your gas mileage.

Switch to synthetic oil. Synthetic engine oil is designed to provide the best protection, cleanliness and minimum friction of the gasoline or diesel engine. It is believed that synthetic oil more effectively lubricates the engine, as it fails at a lower rate. This provides wear protection and friction reduction when the engine is running under different conditions. Less friction in the engine internal parts means more horsepower.

Upgrade the spark plug wires. There are several spark plug wire manufacturers who can improve the performance of your engine. The unique wiring has an incredibly low resistance without electronic interference. The wires after the market spark plug transmit a stronger signal to the spark plug. The stronger the signal, the more efficient the vehicle’s spark plugs are.

Add additives to the coolant tank. There are many different additives that can be injected into your coolant, but the most common ones are called Water Wetter. It is a wetting agent that reduces the temperature of your car’s coolant by as much as 30 degrees Fahrenheit. Water Wetter is a special additive that can be used to protect against corrosion and rust. When added to a new or used antifreeze, it improves heat transfer.

Replace the air filter. The easiest way to improve the performance of any engine is to improve the airflow into the engine. High-performance cold air intake systems are designed to draw cold air from outside the engine compartment.

These filters are also molded after sale to provide the coldest possible air by blocking the engine heating. Thanks to the reduced heating, the engine can breathe more easily, reduce power loss and, most importantly, increase power. Depending on the engine size, you can get from 5 to 20 hp additionally.

Wash and wax the car. Believe it or not, cleaning the car and waxing can actually improve the aerodynamics of your car. The polished service allows you to effectively pass air over your car, reducing resistance and at the same time increasing the speed of the car. This is an old trick that many riders use to get more speed from their car or motorcycle.

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