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For those of us who love the world of automobiles, our car is much more than a simple machine to move from one point to another as comfortably as possible. It is our passion, an important part of our life that even becomes an extension of ourselves.

That’s why, just as we look for our own style by choosing a certain type of wardrobe or hairstyle, our vehicle is also feasible to be customized to our whim so that it is a faithful reflection of who we are.

However, although there is nothing written about tastes, sometimes we do not know that there are some modifications that not only ruin the appearance of our car, but also lead to a significant loss of value that it may have if in the future we decide to sell it on the second-hand market.

Because unlike what happens with the purchase of a home, which increases its value as more reforms or improvements have, sometimes making changes in a vehicle does not mean that its value in the second-hand market should increase over a homonym dressed entirely factory.

Modifications to the bodywork

We’d all like our car to be a sports car with a lot of horses, but that’s not always the case. So if we can’t have a sports car, at least we can give it a more radical look by modifying certain aspects of the body.

Many brands do that with sport versions of some of their models to attract a younger audience, and it surprises how slight changes in the front grille, in the design of the exhaust outlet, or adding a small rear spoiler can improve the attractiveness of a car whose lines go unnoticed.

However, by excessively modifying the exterior appearance of a car with elements that are too ostentatious, too bright colors, bicolor paint, or adding certain types of vinyl, we run the risk of breaking the aesthetic coherence of the car, which may give it a more spectacular appearance, but it is certainly a determining factor for most potential buyers to look the other way by focusing their tastes on a more general aesthetic car.

Wheel rims

They are undoubtedly one of the first elements that are usually customized in a vehicle, especially if we have factory steel rims disguised by hubcaps of dubious taste.

But watch out, because many times we also fall into the temptation of modifying the original dimensions of the rims in favor of an extra pair of inches, which will force us to its later homologation to be able to pass the ITV and the most important thing, to change our tires for ones of greater dimensions and, evidently, higher price.

In addition, let’s not forget that the design of the rims is very subject to fashions, and we all know that fashions come and go, so some rims that are now milk, perhaps in a few years are not so well seen.

The escape

Next to the tires, is another of the star modifications. For those whose engine sound is pure melody, a good exhaust system that increases its sound a few tens of decibels to make the rest of the city believe that the end of the world is approaching is something sacred.

The problem is that for most future buyers that excess noise can become too annoying. Let’s not forget, most drivers like the quietest cabin possible.


Our car not only looks outside, but we also enjoy it inside, and the vehicle customization market is full of products to modify the inside of our car.

Putting a few chrome or carbon fibre-like details in elements such as the ventilation system outlets, centre console, door handles, or gearboxes can give our car a more premium touch and make it more attractive to the potential customer.

However, we have to be very careful with these elements because sometimes we can run the risk that they are poor quality products or their design does not fit perfectly with the area where we want to install it (something that can happen if they are not original parts) which will give our interior a poorer appearance.


Since new vehicles are obliged to incorporate daytime running lights, these have come to play a very important role in the aesthetic aspect of the car, especially those composed of LED lighting.

For this reason, a new type of personalization was created based on incorporating this system to those vehicles that lacked them. But do not forget that this type of modification should not be limited merely to the aesthetic aspect, as Royal Decree 866/2010 regulating the processing of vehicle reforms, establishes as a major reform the approval of daytime running lights.

And to homologate the lights must be careful because you must first comply with some distances regulated by the European Union and must also have European approval password, so you must make sure before buying the lights, as it is likely that a future buyer may require such documentation.

Leon C. Sinha