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Today the car is becoming increasingly important in our lives, it has long ceased to be a luxury in the literal sense of the word. With its help it is possible to solve many problems both family and working plan.

More and more often we are in the car and more and more active time we spend in its interior. Therefore, the need for car accessories, which not only make our trip comfortable, but also increases the functionality of equipment, increases.

The most common auto accessories:

  • Car interior and boot mats
  • front and rear mud flaps.
  • Cowl deflector and window deflectors
  • Farkop (trailer).
  • Roof racks and car boxes
  • Parking radar.
  • Chemical and cosmetic products, as well as special additives that improve the work of various car systems

If you have a question about opening a car accessories store, it is suggested to consider several options:

Rental or subletting in the form of a department in an auto shop. To issue a showcase with those goods items, which the entrepreneur plans to sell, i.e. specialized goods. In this case, the novice businessman does not need if the cost of additional advertising, buyers of spare parts and so will be aware of the goods that are sold in the store.

In this case, it is necessary to conduct market research on the types of goods, the actual demand for certain types of goods, which will serve as a basis for rational expenditure of funds for the purchase of various types of accessories.

Here, the entrepreneur can also decide on the amount of purchased goods, so as not to buy extra products, which can lead to a loss for a start-up business. The main thing in this business – to find a quality product that will be in demand.

Favorable form of realization of automobile accessories – opening of internet-shop. It is the same shop on sales, only of virtual type. It is very important – to develop the correct scheme of the site so that visitors to the resource could understand what items are offered for sale, the order of prices, the organization of virtual dialogue, examples of pricing, questions and answers.

If the online resource will be convenient to use, then many users will include the site online store in their personal lists.

To attract potential buyers to your resource, it is necessary to show that the entrepreneur is interested in selling the goods, so the prices should be acceptable. What can offer us an online shop of auto accessories? Usually this structure is not spent on the rental of retail space and warehouses.

The main activity of such outlets – working out orders, receiving and delivery of goods to customers. According to this principle of doing business costs become optimized.

a variant of selling car accessories when buying a franchise. This type of franchise allows for the sale of a large group of goods and services for the maintenance of vehicles.

The main types of activity are sales of automobile accessories, anti-theft, special cosmetics and auto-chemistry, as well as repair and replacement of car windows…

The franchisor (the person who sold the franchise), while fulfilling its contractual obligations, carries out the obligatory in such cases, in order to obtain a positive result, information and advertising basis, provides consultations on the creation of a package of sales kits, prices, storage of products and data on the Internet resources, assists in solving technical issues, organizes practical training for the employees of the store.

The benefits of franchising:

  • A high level of profitability (“nakrutka” – up to 90-100%), return on the payback of the franchise (up to one year), a high annual percentage and a low percentage of entry into the common cause.
  • Low competition, which makes the project attractive
  • There are no risks of loss of invested funds (money in the project is the cost of goods and shop equipment).
  • The franchisor already has standard projects of branded stores and gives the right to exclusive sales in the region.

Financial component of the project to open an auto accessories store.

Here you will find the average figures for the cost of a car accessories store in US dollars.

Cost part

Rent of the shop – from 1000 dollars per month (12 000 dollars per year) Cost of special equipment – 3500 dollars. Cost of goods – $10,000 per month Salary fund for employees – $20,000 per year Additional costs – $3500 per year Total: $50,000 – the amount required to start work and the following year.

Leon C. Sinha